How Fiber Optic Hats Work

How Fiber Optic Hats Work

Lightwear hats are the most unique and innovative caps to grace the top team logos ever! These beautifully designed replica caps have been fiber optically enhanced to provide over 100 individual flashing points of light on your favorite team logo.

Everyone loves watching the bright flashing laser-like points of light as they enhance the logo of your favorite team!

Comfort and Technology

Lightwear hats utilize state-of-the-art fiber optic technology that allows bright flashing lights to appear on the cap while providing the same level of comfort as a traditional sports cap.

Lightwear hats are manufactured with the finest quality brushed cotton caps and are enhanced to produce the brilliant flashing points of light.

The lightweight fiber optic technology insures that everyone will enjoy showing off the lights on their cap. If you prefer to be anonymous, simply turn the lights off with the convenient on/off switch inside, and your Lightwear cap is virtually indistinguishable from a regular hat.

Safe Indoors and Outdoors

Lightwear hats are designed to be safely worn both indoors and outdoors. Whether you wear them at ball games, indoors, outdoors or while watching sporting events on television, the light, durable, weather resistant construction ensures years of enjoyment.

Lightwear hats are powered by two replaceable, lightweight lithium watch style batteries. The batteries will provide over thirty hours of day or nighttime fun.